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How do you feel about uninsured Children?
"Working together to Give All Kids a Chance to achieve and become healthy productive citizens."
                Keith J. Pierce, MD                Founder and CEO
Our Mission
Our Mission is to support the underserved youth of the Detroit Metropolitan area with their participation in academics, athletics, extracurricular activity and healthcare for the uninsured. YAAA will help provide the necessary funds to allow each child to have an equal chance.

Our Vision
The Young Academic and Athletic Association (YAAA) believes that active children who participate in academics and extracurricular activities have higher degrees of scholastic achievement, better health and lower rates of crime, drug and alcohol consumption. Therefore, YAAA intends to support the physical, intellectual and emotional development of all interested Youth, from all walks of life. YAAA searches for sponsors, grants and volunteers for academics, athletics and healthcare for the underserved youth of the Metro Detroit Area.
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Charity aims to provide health care, athletic scholarships to children
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How do you feel about uninsured Children?

YAAA Mission

by Sara Khan on 06/09/10

Our Mission is to make sure all children have a healthcare facility to visit when they are ill. Help us with our mission, no child should go without healthcare.

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How you can Help
So far, the YAAA has helped over 1000 children and young adults with academics, athletics and healthcare. YAAA has also helped over 400 adults with our program. In the year 2012, we have raised over 50,000 to benefit the kids of the Metro Detroit Area.

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